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New Millionaire from Kansas Lottery, Nelson Worley of Osawatomie

Nelson Worley of Osawatomie, is the new Millionaire from Kansas Lottery. The $1 million Powerball ticket sold him by the Casey`s General Store 1977, located at 400 sixth street in Osawatomie.

On July 20, 2013 Saturday night’s the Kansas powerball winning numbers are 14, 25, 27, 38, 58, and the red Powerball number is 6.

	14		25		27		38		58		6

The jackpot was $141 million, but Worley matched the first five numbers but not the Powerball number and won $1,000,000! No one matched all six powerball numbers to take home the $141 million jackpot check. Now the jackpot rolled over and is an amazing $166 million for the next drawing!

Worley said he is not complaining about winning just $1 million. “It’s his good karma coming back to him,” said Shannon, Worley’s wife. Worley and his wife have five children and one grandchild between them. He runs a stucco contracting business in Osawatomie. Worley was clinically dead a year and a half ago after going into cardiac arrest. The Worleys plan to use their prize money to pay off their house, buy a swing set and make some investments.

Map of Powerball Jackpot winners

Map of Powerball Jackpot winners

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