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The First Mega Million Jackpot Winner from Tennessee come forward to claim the $61 million.

The First largest prize of Mega Million Jackpot Winner from Tennessee Lottery come forward to claim the $61 million.
The biggest lottery jackpot in Tennessee history won by the Nashville woman and her son. Bettina Still and her son, Jonathan, came forward Friday to claim the $61 million Mega Millions prize. The Stills are the first Mega Millions jackpot winners in Tennessee since the state began offering the game in January of 2010.
The winning ticket was sold at a Bellevue Shell, 7395 Old Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37221. The Retailer will received $25,000.
The Mega Million winning numbers are 22,24,25,40,70 and Mega Ball number is 5.

Mega Millions Numbers – Friday, January 3, 2014
	22	 	24	 	25	 	40	 	70	 	5

Mrs. Still told Lottery officials she and her son waited nearly a week to claim the jackpot in order to consider their options and consult with a financial advisor. They chose the lump-sum cash payment, as opposed to the annuitized amount. If they choose a lump-sum cash payout, the Stills will walk away with more than $24 million.

Megamillion Jackpot Winners TN

Megamillion Jackpot Winners TN

This is the largest prize in Tennessee Lottery history and the first Mega Millions jackpot winner for Tennessee. The second-largest winner in Tennessee was a family from South Pittsburg who won a Mega Million jackpot of $25.5 million in March 2005. This marks the 131st winning Lottery ticket sold in Tennessee worth a million dollars or more.

Mega Millions Jackpot Winners
This is the list of all Mega Millions jackpot winners
# Draw Date Jackpot Prize Winner State
1 January 03, 2014 $61 Million Bettina Still and her son, Jonathan Tennessee
2 December 17, 2013 $648 Million Steve Tran California
Ira Curry Georgia
3 October 01, 2013 $189 Million Lucky Family Maryland
4 July 26, 2013 $19 Million Barbara Matta and Karl Herkert New Jersey
5 July 16, 2013 $20 Million Lucky Ones Partnership Texas
6 July 05, 2013 $80 Million Dick Zelasko Michigan
7 May 31, 2013 $30 Million Darryl and Judith Smith New Jersey
8 May 17, 2013 $198 Million Giuseppe Garofalo New Jersey
Unclaimed Virginia

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