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December 11 Powerball, Two Ticket Holders Win $122 Million Jackpot

Two ticket holders matched the winning Powerball numbers on Dec. 11, 2013, which is win $122 million jackpot.
The Powerball numbers (white) 01-10-13-18-19 and the Powerball red Power number is 27.
The winning tickets were purchased in Nebraska and Massachusetts. After hearing the good news an employee of Appletown on Main Street in Sterling said,”Cool! Awesome, awesome. I can’t wait to put the sign out. I hope it’s one of my friends,”

Other Seven states had ticket holders who matched 5 white numbers, winning $1 million each. Those tickets were purchased in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Maine and New York. One Michigan ticket holder matched 4 of 5 White Balls, plus the Powerball, winning $10,000. Their is in Michigan another a total of 17,349 players (on Dec. 11) matched different combinations of winning numbers to win at least $4 each, according to the Michigan lottery.

Now the next Powerball drawing is on Dec. 14. The jackpot has been reset to $40 million.

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